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The Non Linear Path

Learning how to trust in your path

How do you know where to go when there’s no clear set of directions?

You don’t.

You fully embrace and accept the unknown in its entirety. When you walk the non linear path you learn to trust and whether that’s in god, your vision or your heart you need to believe in something.

The non linear path is scary. You don’t know what can happen and you often question your choices and the way things are unfolding. Even though you feel lost you keep going. You begin to feel the outside pressure as the people around you often question your direction.

To them it seems odd and quite peculiar. But you’ve learnt to gracefully take outside opinions as you wish. You find comfort in this pressure as you learn to let go. Your trust flourishes even in times of uncertainty.

Things begin to fall into place. Life’s amazing and then it isn’t. The non linear path takes you down a virtuous cycle of growth you’ve come to appreciate. The ups and downs, it doesn’t seem to make sense. You ask yourself why you are here and others are there. Jealousy, regret and even anger begin to rise. Until you realize the comparison games are a fruitless effort that only keeps yourself hostage.

You begin to understand it’s all relative. You’re on your own path and others are on theirs. You’re no better than anyone else and no one’s better than you.

It’s hard to believe but it’s all going to make sense in the end and even if it doesn’t, wouldn’t you rather hold on to hope until the very end instead of living in fear for the rest of your life?

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