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The only way out is in, embracing the mid curve

Accepting the complex nature of the self in the face of the unknown

If you’re anything like me you probably like to think you’re on the forefront of tech and culture. Especially if you’re reading this you’re most likely participating in the web3 ecosystem in some way. 

However, I’m beginning to realise I’m wrong a lot of the time and although I’ve had some wins online, I’ve realised in reality there’s more that I don’t know then I do. 

I’ve faded hundreds of projects, ideas and people who have went on to do great things. Yet I’ve also managed to find some small success with my efforts in crypto, content creation and product.

I’ve released projects I thought were destined for success that have went on to flop. While there’s other projects I’ve worked on that have taken off that had little thought or effort. 

You really can’t predict the outcome of your efforts and while you may be 99% sure that X event will occur. The disproportional amount of information you are unable to take into consideration makes predictions never quite accurate. 

Understanding this can leave you feeling powerless as you fight the unpredictable nature of reality. 

But there is hope. 

The path of making it we all dream of is non linear. The only thing we can control are our efforts and the decision to keep turning up. 

By following our curiosities, accepting our downfalls and realising we might actually know something. 

You realise you are nor an idiot, midwit or master but all three. You embrace the complex nature of the self by understanding there is deep power in harnessing all three. 

The next time something works accept the fact you probably had some influence on why but also understand there were mostly likely outside forces working in your favour. The opposite can also be true and should be acknowledged when a failure may occur. 

This creates humility to remain resilient when taking on challenges. While you may miserably fail, you may also wildly succeed beyond your imagination. The unpredictable force of reality is a feature not a bug. 

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