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The Fun is in The Friction

A frictionless world is boring, the fun is in the friction.

We’ve lost the art of patience and discovery. If we can’t have it now, we don’t want it and since delivery times are shrinking and algorithms are telling us who to follow, most of us never dare to venture beyond what’s recommended. 

It's become too easy to just follow the path of least resistance. We've become confined by our comfort and forgotten how to hunt. 

The Lost Art of Patience

There’s a magic in sifting through a thrift store. You never know what you’re going to find and although you'll probably leave the store empty handed. If you do manage to find that one item, it makes the entire wait worth it.

People used to wait outside of video game stores til midnight for the latest Call of Duty release. Whereas today's gamers get the latest releases delivered to their consoles while they sleep. 

Most movies today are released direct to streaming. People don't bother going to the cinemas anymore because it's easier to just stream the movie from home.

There's an endless amount of examples I could give you to demonstrate that although things have become easier for the consumer, things have also become less interesting.

The Devaluing of The Physical

We've devalued physical objects and experiences, in favour of a digital existence. No longer do we get to experience things in the real world. 

Everything changed after COVID-19. People started working from home and businesses were forced to think of digital first solutions. We forgot how to communicate with people and we became so entwined with our devices that the thought of speaking with another human being in the real world now sends fear down our spines.

I'm of course generalising here and making sweeping statements on the state of humanity and I completely understand this isn't the case for everyone.

But I am worried.

Worried that we might lose the beauty of touch, patience and discovery.

Keep in mind this is coming from a self proclaimed techno optimist and although I'm excited to enter an even more digital world with the rise of augmented and virtual reality environments. I'm worried we might be sacrificing a little too much of the beauty of the tangible for the comfort of the virtual.

A frictionless world is boring, the fun is in the friction.

This post was inspired by a conversation with Alex Constante on the TEJI TALKS podcast and a tweet from my friend Alex Headlam.

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