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What would happen if Mr Beast launched a $BEAST token?

Hypercharging online brands with community tokens

Mr Beast has become the largest creator on the planet. He’s become so big that sponsors can no longer afford placement in his videos because his reach has gone so wide. His videos often get more viewers then major sporting events like the Super Bowl.

Which makes me think what would the hypothetical valuation be of a $BEAST token and why would he even want to launch one in the first place?

Firstly, if Mr Beast launched a token he could bootstrap his community to build out and accelerate the growth of both his chocolate company Feastables and his network of YouTube channels.

As of today Mr Beast could create a /mrbeast channel on and reward community contributors who create clips, memes, art and other content about his brand in the form of the $BEAST token. This can currently be done through which is public infrastructure built by Nouns DAO that enables communities to create and fund rounds with any token they like which is then distributed to participants with the most engagement.

Take a look at what the Nouns community is currently rewarding animators who create any form of nounish animation during the week.

Above you can see that Nouns have created a 3 ETH (~$10,000) rewards pool for anyone who posts in the /nouns-animators channel. At the end of the timer the rewards pool is equally split in perpetuity with who was able to get the most engagement on their post.

You could easily see how Mr Beast might apply something similar to a channel like /beast-clips or /beast-reactions where he could offer weekly reward pools for people who clip his content and share it on social media or record their own reactions to his content, only further propagating his brand.

Most streamers and content creators are already incentivising their community to create short form content from their libraries, because they understand the immense power of community content to sky rocket their attention.

Check out a clip below from one of the biggest streamers in the world explaining his ‘genius marketing strategy’.

As explained in the video you just watched, Neon has a discord channel where he pays clippers a certain rate per 100k views they get on platforms like TikTok and Instagram using his content. If he were to use something like he could cut 90% of the work out and not have to manually send payments to his clipping community.

Keep in mind the reach that Mr Beast or Neon has on platforms like YouTube or TikTok is nowhere near what they would have on a relatively small platform like Warpcast. However, I’m only using these examples as a demonstration of what could be built on the blockchain and decentralised social protocols like Farcaster.

MrBeast could even create his own platform like and reward his most loyal viewers with $BEAST per minute of content consumed. The latest zero knowledge proofs could also allow for the prevention of bots farming views on his content by being able to privately prove human identity on chain.

Now why would anyone even want the $BEAST token apart from immediately selling it?

Well, you might be able to

-Enter an onchain raffle to get in one of his videos

-Buy merchandise directly on his store

-Randomly get airdropped a Lamborghini if he’s feeling kind

-Join token gated streams and watch private videos

-Stake your $BEAST to earn a portion of the Feastables profit

The list goes on...

Now, none of these ideas are in any way perfect but it’s an interesting alternative to the ad based model that web2 social has been built on. The token / paid model may just well be our answer to the annoying world of ads on social media.

If you liked this article feel free to forward it to anyone in MrBeast’s team. Would love to introduce them to some of the best builders in web3.

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